Friday Night

Worship Revival Series


Join us every Friday during the month of January for an encounter with the Holy Spirit through worship with various powerful guest worship leaders!


Be THe Light

Why We Fast

We commence each new year at Bible Way with a corporate month long fast. During this time, we abstain from eating certain food, while focusing on becoming spiritually stronger through prayer, worship and meditating on God’s Holy Word. This season of consecration prepares us for the upcoming year with a heart for God and a clearer understanding of His will for our lives.  


The theme of this year, “Be the Light, ” is taken from Matthew 5:14: “You are the light of the world.” It is our duty as believers to “be the light” in this dark world, offering hope, love and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Let us prepare our hearts and minds to build 2019 on a solid foundation that will launch us into the calling that God has for us.